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    藝術家 | ARTISTS


    李仁鎮, 1957年生,韓國當代陶瓷家,在位于韓國安城的家中設有工作室,專門利用各種炻器和瓷器原料制作體量豐碩的罐子和器皿,并用柴窯燒制。他嘗試了各種裝飾技法,例如把稀釋的灰釉或黑褐色泥漿不規則地涂抹在作品上,以自然地展現器物粗糙的表面和雕刻裝飾。

    Inchin Lee

    Inchin Lee (b. 1957) is a Korean contemporary ceramic artist specializing in wood-firing and the utilization of different stoneware and porcelain clays to produce voluminous jars and vessels. He crafts the individual pieces at his home studio in Anseong, South Korea. Various applications such as diluted ash glaze or black-and-brown slip are applied irregularly on the artworks to produce effects that naturally reveal its coarse surfaces and engravings.
    All works are carefully fired in an extremely labor-intensive process, nurturing high temperatures in wood-fired kilns for over a week. The final form of work is a marriage of the natural marks left by the wood-fire, and expert vision of Inchin Lee.