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    藝術家 | ARTISTS



    Fan Di 'an

    Deputy Party Secretary and President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
    Fan Di 'an, male, Han nationality, was born in Fujian in September 1955. He started to work in 1973 and joined the Communist Party of China in April 1979. He graduated with a MA from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Chinese Art History. Now he is the president, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is also the chairman of the Chinese Artists Association, vice chairman of the Chinese Literary and Art Critics Association, vice director of the Arts Education Committee of the Ministry of Education, member of the Central Research Institute of Culture and History, chairman of the Beijing Artists Association and member of the national committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
    He has long been engaged in the research on the 20th century Chinese art, contemporary art criticism and exhibition and art museology. He has published millions of words in the field of art research and review, planed more than one hundred academic exhibitions which reflected the theme of the times and achievements of Chinese fine arts. He has organized academic seminars and international art exchange activities and contributed to the cooperative relations with international famous art museums and fine arts colleges, promoting the exchange of excellent art achievements from all over the world and enhancing the international influence of Chinese fine arts. His oil paintings have been exhibited in various academic exhibitions.