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    藝術家 | ARTISTS



    Han Meilin

    Mr. Han Meilin, a UNESCO “Artist for Peace,” a Deputy Director and Doctoral Tutor of the Academic Committee of Tsinghua University, is a tireless pioneer in painting, calligraphy, sculpture, design and public art, etc. Meanwhile, he is also a representative figure of the heritage and innovation of the traditional Chinese culture in ceramics and folk art. His works are grandiose and powerful, insightful and microscopic, featuring a unique artistic style and distinctive personal traits. There are three Han Meilin Art Museums in the cities of Hangzhou, Beijing and Yinchuan. In Yixing, there is also one theme art museum ‘Han Meilin Zisha Ware Art Museum’. These museums further promoted art education and international cultural exchange. The Han Meilin Art Foundation devotes itself to arts and social charity. The Han Meilin World Tour Exhibitions, incepted in 2016, visited Venice, Beijing, Paris, Liechtenstein, Seoul and Bangkok, and Mr. Han was awarded the title of Honorary Academician by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The year of 2018 witnessed Mr. Han’s receiving of the Pierre de Coubertin Medal from the International Olympic Committee and the Cultural Medal of Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards from South Korea. In 2019, he was honored with Lifetime Achievement Award at the “You Bring Charm to the World Award Ceremony”.