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    藝術家 | ARTISTS


    1988 年,他在法國靠近日內瓦的地方開設了自己的工作室。
    1995 年至 2014 年,他在瑞士沃韋應用藝術學院任教,并從 1996 年起擔任陶瓷系主任。
    2008 年,雅克?考夫曼加入了日內瓦環境、工程和建筑學院(HEPIA)的一個研究小組,參與一項與城市建設相關的綠墻項目。

    Jacques Kaufmann

    After ceramics studies at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Geneva (1974–1977), Jacques Kaufmann started to work in Geneva as a free artist. From 1984–1986, he lead the project “Ceramic Action” for the Swiss Cooperation in Rwanda. There he was confronted to intercultural exchanges, the “back to origin” of the ceramic‘s technology and, as an artist, to the “earth scale”, carried by hundreds of thousands of bricks. In 1988, he opened his actual studio nearby Geneva, in France. From 1995 to 2014, he taught at the Ecole d‘Arts Appliqués in Vevey, Switzerland, and become chair of the ceramics department in 1996. Since 1999, his activities in China has allowed him to contribute to exhibition exchanges, in Europe and China. In 2008, Jacques Kaufmann has joined a research group at Hepia, the University for engineering, architecture and landscape architecture in Geneva, for a project linked to green walls, at city scale.
    Numerous individual and collective exhibitions, internationally.
    President of the International Academy of ceramic (2012-2018), and actually, Honorary President of the IAC.