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    藝術家 | ARTISTS


    目前工作和生活于中國上海 八十年代末他嘗試在當代背景下進行實驗性的工作。2008年提出“無意義、無內容”的理念進行創作,開始了一個全新方向的探索,并形成了當代藝術的個人語言體系。是中國當代藝術領域最具實驗性、代表性的藝術家之一。劉建華曾在國內外多次舉辦個展,并受邀參加第五十七屆威尼斯雙年展主題展、第十七屆悉尼雙年展等展覽。作品被倫敦泰特現代美術館、紐約MOMA等公共機構收藏。

    Liu Jianhua

    Currently living and working in Shanghai, China. At late 1980s, Liu Jianhua started his experimental prac-tice base on the contemporary context. In 2008, he started new exploration by focusing on “no meaning, no con-tent”, and therefore has developed his own expression on contemporary art. Liu Jianhua is one of China’s best-known contemporary artists who experiment comprehensive ma-terials. His works have been exhibited at the international art exhibition of the 57th Venice Biennale and the 2nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, etc. Liu Jianhua’s works have been collected by public institutions including Tate Modern (London, UK) and MOMA (New York, US).