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    藝術家 | ARTISTS


    ?????? 1965年10月出生于景德鎮陶瓷世家,1988年6月畢業于中央工藝美術學院(現清華大學美術學院),2006年8月畢業于韓國圓光大學,獲設計學碩士學位?,F為景德鎮陶瓷大學教授(二級)、博士生導師,設計藝術學院院長,中國工業設計協會會員,江西省美術家協會會員,景德鎮青年美術家協會副主席,江西省新世紀百千萬人才工程人選,江西省高校中青年學科帶頭人。作品參加國內外展覽數余次,獲各類獎項30余項,并獲中國陶瓷藝術與設計教育杰出貢獻獎。

    Zou Xiaosong

    ?????? Zou Xiaosong was born in a ceramic family in Jingdezhen in October 1965. He graduated from the Central Academy of Arts and Design (now Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University) in June 1988 and received his master's degree in design from Wonkwang University in August 2006. Now he holds many titles, such as level-2 professor, doctoral supervisor, dean of the School of Design and Art at Jingdezhen Ceramic University, member of China Industrial Design Association, member of Jiangxi Artists Association, vice chairman of Jingdezhen Young Artists Association, candidate for Jiangxi New Century Hundreds of Thousands of Talents Project, and one of the middle-aged and young academic leaders at universities in Jiangxi province. His works have been exhibited for numerous times at home and abroad. He has recieved more than 30 awards, including the award for outstanding contribution to Chinese ceramic art and design education.